Cutting-Edge Technologies
Project Outcomes
Expansion Plan
Offtake Proposals
Risk Mitigation
Socio-Economic Benefits

 Risk Mitigation

  • As the Project further rapidly expands on internationally benchmarked and hitherto unprecedented agricultural standards, a diversified range of products supplied to minimise the financial, market and seasonal risks will be adopted in keeping with international corporate farming practices
  • In addition, a number of ongoing procedures and practices will be implemented with a view to minimizing risk to standing crops
  • These risk mitigation protocols will include the following
    • Crop damage control practices and technologies
      • This aspect of the project would focus on high technology horticulture output. Leading edge technology would be integrated at all levels of the supply chain system from production through to processing and marketing of products
      • Technologies such as intensive greenhouse production, sub-surface irrigation and fertigation, use of high yielding varieties, precision farming and irrigation using satellite techniques for crop establishment and husbandry operations would be implemented.
    • Applied research & development / training collaboration
      • While the development will be directed principally to commercial outputs, it would be envisaged that in both areas of development in the project area, collaboration with the Indian authorities for demonstrating the application of the technologies to the Indian farming sector and collaboration with the Indian research organisations for research and development and also for training purposes, would be an important aspect of the long term benefits of the project
    • Constant crop supervision as per crop schedules and protocols
      • A major risk to crops comes from ill-planned field preparation, use of substandard seeds, incorrect sowing methods and delayed prevention, detection and treatment of a range crop diseases including airborne
      • The Project will mitigate the above risks by maintaining and adhering to detailed field protocol and procedures and consistent professional supervision at all stages of crop development
      • Elaborate stock will be maintained for timely treatment of disease control, pest control, nematodes, larvae etc
      • Skills training will be provided to all staff for efficient and optimal crop results.