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  Experimental Farms in Rajasthan - Stunning Outcomes (2012-17)

  • The Project successfully undertook a series of experimental farms in Rajasthan between 2012 – 2017 under strict Indian and globally recognized international experts for authentication and verification
  • The Project outcomes have repeatedly demonstrated premium quality horticulture produce with record yields giving stunning technical and commercial results at all the three experimental farms at Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Sewara in Rajasthan over the last five years (between 2012 and 2017)
  • A range of international organizations such as FMC of USA, Yara of Norway, Netafim of Israel, Syngenta and other leading Australian organizations have visited and closely examined the site and the crops, and have opined that the final product being produced at the farm is undoubtedly of international premium quality and going by the harvest yield in 2016 and 2017, the Project is set to achieve its objective of averaging at least 20 tonnes per hectare of premium quality horticultural produce in a socially and economically sustainable manner, which is unheard of in this region
  • These results are being achieved against an unhelpful soil and water regime, therefore it is further gratifying to see the Project objectives being so wholesomely met by use of unique and patented soil and water treatment technologies
  • TNTD Agritech conducted potato seed trials at Sewara, Rajasthan, in October 2016 in conjunction with PepsiCo and the harvest, in the words of PepsiCo experts, has once again produced stunning results
  • The good results are even more gratifying given the poor quality of soil and very brackish water that we scientifically treat at our Rajasthan desert farms
  • The Sewara soil pH is a whopping 8.55 with an EC of 1.4, and the brackish water has a pH of 7.1 with an EC of 1.3
  • Earlier, PepsiCo experts had commented that no potato could grow on such high pH soil
  • PepsiCo now agree the trial at Sewara has exceeded expectations.

Striking Technical, Commercial, and Sustainability Outcomes Achieved by the Project (2012-17)
  • High value horticultural crops have been grown where no such crops have been hitherto possible owing to poor soils and brackish water conditions
  • Regional horticultural yields have been increased manifolds from under 4 tonnes per hectare to over 20 tonnes per hectare
  • Abject marginal soils of very poor quality and heavily brackish water have been successfully treated in a commercially, environmentally and economically sustainable manner to produce intensive high value, high quality horticultural crops
  • The Project was conducted under strict Indian and globally recognized international experts for authentication and verification
  • Small farmer incomes of participating small farmers have grown by many folds owing to the Project outcomes
  • The produce has been enthusiastically accepted by top Indian and global retailers and local wholesale markets
  • The produce attracted premium rates owing to high quality products produced at the farm
  • The Project has already started to have considerable positive social and economic impact on the local farming community.