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Socio-Economic Benefits

 Long-Term Offtake Proposal to Retailers

  • The Project is currently expanding operations in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra from currently cultivating 10 hectares to 100 hectares to 300 hectares to 1,000 hectares between 2017 and 2021
    • An indicative 3-year enterprise production and delivery schedule (Year 1 – 10 hectares, Year 2 – 100 hectares, Year 3 – 400 hectares) has been presented to Future Group who are favorably working on developing possible offtakes
    • More targeted production and delivery schedules can be tailored to meet specific retailer requirements
  • Advantages of TNTD offtakes to retailers
    • Why Offtakes:
      • Offtake schedules and prices, agreed before crop production is commenced, result in sowing and planting schedules which can then be implemented to meet agreed product delivery schedules of the retailer. This will enable both the retailer and TNTD Project to operate more efficient and successful businesses
      • Offtakes are now a worldwide trend (and within India) to protect and enhance supply chain partnerships
      • Offtake agreements are particularly attractive to large retailers and online supermarkets in India who are aiming at fast expansion requiring reliable and quality supplies, not easily available in India as yet
  • Access to large project controlled lands as single points of production and delivery
  • Precision technologies – the project is introducing unprecedented level of agri technological advances throughout the agricultural supply chain of India. The agri supply chain in India is currently marred by its highly fragmented structure severely impeding productivity and deliverability especially of the perishables
    • The state-of-the-art and futuristic field equipment and tractors (e.g., multiple numbers of 300 HP tractor units all GPS controlled with Telematics, AutoSteer, and AFS India) selected for the project expansion are such that have never been used in India yet and will introduce new age benchmarks of quality and yield in our Precision Technology Model Farms
    • These technologies will encompass telecommunications, vehicular technologies, road transportation, road safety, electrical engineering (sensors, instrumentation, wireless communications, etc.), and computer science providing the TNTD Agritech farms leading technological edge in India
  • Demonstrated internationally benchmarked produce
  • Specialized produce dedicated to bulk retailers
  • Unprecedented cold chain transport delivery system in India
  • The project plan includes in due course a state-of-the-art multi crop cold store, and a futuristic hydroponic plant

Unique farm-based synchronized technological support mechanism for long-term production and delivery schedule
Long-term bulk buyers could drive a unique comfort in associating with our Project since our precision farm plan includes a farm based production and supply CONTROL ROOM which will 24x7 receive data from MULTIPLE production centers (i.e. various Project Farms). Each farm will be able to feed inventory data BACK to the control room via the Cloud and keep the main repository up-to-date on the production capacity and inventory management of each production center.
Further, by establishing the REPORTING/VISUAL ANALYTICS, the CONTROL ROOM will be equipped with advanced reporting capabilities that will be able to analyze the quantities being produced by the farms, what products are currently being stocked and what the demand is (based on sales information coming in from retailer collection centers). This analytics layer will be able to predict what the farms should be growing based on demand and identify which farms should alter their production strategy based on demand.
Once the offtake agreements are confirmed, the above model that details our CORE INFRASTRUCTURE which is COMPLETELY IN-HOUSE will be further designed to incorporate the CUSTOMER-FACING component in discussion with bulky buyers such as PepsiCo (via the App and other e-commerce means).