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  TNTD Agritech Project Expansion Plan
10 Ha in 2018 to 1,000 Ha in 5 Years to 50,000 Ha in  10 Years Starting in Year 3

  • Buoyed by the continuous successes achieved at the experimental farms, the Project is receiving strong international and Indian support which we believe is because these above mentioned companies see the vision and the practical benefits that will flow and accrue from the integrated Project for these respective organizations and which will be of major benefit to the lives and improved standard of living of other stakeholders, particularly the small farmers of India who are perpetually under great stress
  • The Project’s ambitious and doable scope and scale is attractive to many global trading and agri investment corporations, major food retailers, consumers and major global field goods and services providers
  • The Project has broached these exciting investment and collaborative opportunities with these prospective project associates (their names have been suppressed for propriety)
  • The Project is offering a range of opportunities to leading retailers and consumers of horticultural produce and field equipment manufacturers who have long term interest in the pioneering Agritech project like the TNTD Agritech Project with demonstrated success
  • Indian and overseas retailer group looking at high volumes of fresh globally benchmarked produce at door steps have expressed enthusiastic willingness to talk to the TNTD Agritech Project on the above lines aimed at possible offtake agreements with the Project by them
    • Offtakes to the tune of 65,000 tonnes per annum of a range of horticultural produce and 20,000 tonnes per annum of highest quality potato seeds (of the variety not yet produced in India) are under negotiations with some of India’s largest retailers, food processors, hospitality corporations and F&B corporations
    • The project will also initiate production of internationally managed processing tomato farming in large quantities, also not as yet being produced in India, in close association with Australia’s amd the Netherlands' leading tomato producers, processors and agricultural universities
  • Promoters have a deep agricultural background and have demonstrated long term commitment to the project and invested in the Project over a long period of time
    • The promoters’ substantial contributions to date include cash injections, providing bank loans (with collaterals totaling to USD 40 million), large and long term deferred payments by international consultants of world repute and investment in the Project of unique and patented technologies and other technical and material support by a number of associate multinationals to the Project over the last 7-8 years
  • Expansion of the Agritech Project is planned in 3 Stages
    • To develop 1,000 ha of irrigation for a range of horticultural crops in 2 stages over 5 years
      A further 49,000 ha development is planned from Year 3 to Year 10
      The estimated total investment cost to develop 1,000 hectares is USD 12.0 million equivalent
      The estimated total investment cost for the 50,000 hectares (1,000 + 49,000 hectares) is USD 600,480,000
      Stage 1 is planned to be undertaken over 3 years as follows:

      Year 1, 10 ha developed at a cost of USD 600,000 equivalent and 10 ha to be planted
      Year 2, an additional 90 ha developed at a cost of USD 900,000 equivalent and 100 ha to be planted
      Year 3, an additional 300 ha developed and a total developed area of 400 ha to be planted for which USD 3.5 million needs to be committed by the beginning of Year 2

      Stage 2 is planned to be undertaken over 2 years commencing in year 4
      Year 4, an additional 300 ha developed at a further cost of USD 3.5 million; and 700 ha to be planted
      Year 5, an additional 300 ha developed at a cost of a further USD 3.5 million

      Total land developed over 5 years 1,000 ha and 1,000 ha to be planted
  • The Project has proactive support of Indian and international financial institutions  some of which have already funded the project’s latest and highly successful technical and commercial field trials
  • The TNTD Agritech Project has also successfully canvassed the World Bank and the IFC at the highest level in Washington, D.C., and in India and they have been good advisors to the Project
  • Leading European and Japanese development funds are also keenly examining prospects to joining the project
  • The bankable projected financials, prepared by the coveted Picket Agricultural Services Co. of Australia, indicate high profitability with an optimal IRR of 46%
    • These financials are available on request

New Age Food Processing and Cold Store Systems  to be Introduced
As an integral part of the above expansion plan, TNTD Agritech Project’s goal is to introduce new hybrid passive cooling technique that are being developed in Europe, unlike standard cold ventilation, using ozone for gradual and uniform release of heat from produce cold stores and refrigerated containers in transport.

This pan-India cold chain can in addition assist the Governments of India and Rajasthan in considerably augmenting and upgrading food processing in the country.

Practically speaking, this farmgate-to-consumer cutting-edge cold chain will remarkably arrest produce ripening processes, even of highly perishable items like strawberry, radicchio (European varieties) and mushrooms, and keep their shelf-life intact for 45 days and longer, which is unprecedented globally.

Specimen Farm Program