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 Highly successful TNTD Agritech Project, Rajasthan
A pioneering privately funded global mega Agritech Development Project
aimed at
creating a Million Hectare Greenbelt in the deserts of Rajasthan and Gujarat, India,
in support of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India’s spirited mission of

More Crop, Per Drop
The hallmark of the TNTD Agritech Project is the formidable coming together of leading agricultural countries such as Australia, USA, Europe, Israel, Japan and India.

This global collaboration will bring together cutting-edge agricultural technologies and futuristic approaches to innovation and application of agriculture sustainability all under one roof. There will be coordinated introduction of these technologies and practices throughout the currently fragmented agri supply chain in India. This will provide a great push to the standards of agriculture in Rajasthan and to substantially raising incomes of Rajasthan and Gujarat’s toiling farming community.

In addition, internationally benchmarked precision farming equipment and practices and advanced agricultural R&D will be applied to achieve considerably enhanced output and quality outcomes per hectare. At the same time, there will be a steep reduction in the use of water and fertilizers per unit of output by scientifically introducing latest sub-surface irrigation networks and by applying treated brackish water to Rajasthan’s highly marginal lands making large tracts of currently unproductive desert lands capable of sustainable intensive agriculture.

The Project will include in stages developing all aspects of the food supply chain: green open field development complemented by hot houses, hydroponics and cold stores and state-of-the-art temperature and moisture controlled transportation -- all at the cutting edge of available technology as well as tomorrow’s concept technologies.